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Monday, September 16, 2013

Good morning lovelies. Feels good to be back to work and the best part is its not raining anymore! The sun is shining and I am ready for a new week! Who's with me? I may have stayed up a bit late watching Miss America...... but nothing a little chia won't take care of.

Lately I have been pinning Fall ensembles but this weekend I stumbled over this gallery wall and my jaw dropped! I mean. What s not to obsess over? 


The back drop of white brick and criss crossing wires. Hell-ohhhh! I feel a bit of a copy cat situation coming on. My boutique is all white brick walls the perfect companion to this arrangement. 

The beauty of this display does not stop here! The rest of the store front and gallery is spot on too. I really am going to have to make a mental note to be sure to visit this inspiration gem. To see the whole shop.....pop over here!


  1. Looking at this has really refreshed my senses. The gallery wall is my favorite, it looks so vintage & nice ;) ... This post is a true inspiration for any creative eye !

    Love & hugs
    Jessica x

  2. I loved every single last photo!


Your thoughts are priceless...thank you.

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