Kingdom & State // The winter preview

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey remember when I went to that Kingdom & Sate party? Well today is the day I share a few pics from the awesome partaay. But first a disclaimer, the lighting was horrible and there was no way to make me look even kinda normal.  Just enjoy my vintage cocktail dress.......

The handsome chap in the middle he's the designer Tan....oh and yay that's Cara Loren. Oh snap!

My gorgeous dates....Miss Lacy from Laced Hair and LaTisha from Girl in the yellow dress. We met up with these hotties too. Recognize Meg from Styled Avenue and Jen from Beauty Glam Now? Star spotting everywhere!
I have to share the next pic because it's the only one I look happy in! Dang lighing...boooo!
I am stinkin' obsessed with this guy....He may kill me for posting this, but her really is such a great guy and talented designer. 

Oh and my top choices for the new line coming into my store.....any takers?

The leather paneled little black number will be mine! Come to mamma!

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