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Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember back a few weeks ago when I shared some peeks from behind the  scenes of a super secret project? Well today is the day and I am free to share my collaboration with the local Souther Utah magazine Elan Woman. Kinda nervous to share pics of me on the cover...just cause well its me and that's scary. But I really had so much fun working with them and it was such an honor to think that little old me is even worth writing about let alone being the cover!

I got to design the whole set...which was scary as shit. I mean what the crap do I know about how a cover should look? But it turned out alright. My dress is custom from my very favorite dress designer Monique from Cleo & Clementine. I swoon over her work. And of course I have in Laced Hair her Clip-Ins are just divine. Go get yourself a never know when you'll be on the cover of a Magazine!

The white chair is very important to me, it was my grandmothers and just seemed fitting for a cover on designing your own To make this even more of a special moment Elan did a full story about me. So weird if you have ever had this happen. How do they develop such a sweet story about you by asking a dozen questions...Way better writers then me! Love you Rochelle Hughes!

 I know the pages are tiny that's what a screen shot gets ya loves...but if you want to read the whole magazine and you really a digital copy here


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