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Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh cheers to Friday. Its overcast and rainy but who the heck cares…it's the weekend after all! I have a few shoots to wrap up today than off to relax and play.

I am working on a project for Sherwin Williams and as I was styling decided that the space needed a succulent terrarium so I ran to home depot and got started. I had a large white glass shell and thought it would be perfect to build it in.

The supplies are pretty simple. A small gravel for the bottom of the dish or container. Cactus & Palm potting mix and decorative rocks or glass. You may even have these things outside or around your house. I am lazy and did not want to gather so I bought everything at home depot.

I picked out a few plants I liked…let me tell you this was the hard part! So many choices. There will be four layers: Gravel, potting mix, succulents and top off with decorative rocks. Ta-Da.  

Easy to care for too….water like every couple weeks. Not over water but just a little.


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  1. I adore this idea! I have the perfect shell waiting for a DIY just like this.



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