Styling your Shabby Chic pieces with Chairish

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey friends, I have teamed up to show you all how easy it is to incorporate your "shabby chic" pieces into any style you like.

When it comes to decorating the all matching look is over! Creating a room that seamlessly blends a variety of styles is the way to go. Most trends go in and out of fashion, so don't get stuck in the loop of buying the latest thing. Really fall in love with choices....those will be things that last!

"Shabby chic" has been around for over 25 years, we all own pieces. There are many styles that would be considered shabby chic. From the really chippy layered dressers to a more historical french hutch.  It really is a timeless look, but with a little blending you can create a more modern aesthetic. In the spirit of style I worked with a few historical elements from Chairish and streamed them with more modern pieces to create a carefully curated room.

Art: Stephanie Vovas
Rug: Chairish
Lighting: Park Studio LA
Hutch: Chairish
Pillar: Chairish
Mirror: Chairish

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  1. I totally agree with you, Amanda that you need to fall in love with choices, not with the latest thing on market:). Thanks for the post!
    Maybe you would like to go with a different rug, with something more cozy? What do you think? I would try one of our Sukhi rugs…. something from Morocco, on the same combination of white and black: We want as many people as possible to discover the joys of owning rugs made by skilled artisans. They represent a high level of tradition, skill and heritage. What do you say? :D


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