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Monday, January 11, 2016

One of my goals this year is to take better care of my skin. Aging is going to happen but doing small things to improve and slow the process is so important. That can mean a million different things to anyone. However I want to be open and honest about what I am doing and what works for me.

Utah is a harsh dry climate and I noticed a few months back that my skin felt tight and dry. Making the fine lines stand out more. I had a small sample from one of those birch boxes of a Bobbi Brown moisturizer, so I used it. To be honest I don't even remember what it was at the time but after it was gone and I went back to my other stuff I right off noticed that my skin was not a smooth and pretty. Obviously I wanted more of the fountain of youth so I high tailed to my nearest BB counter to find out more on her line. Well played Birch Box well played.

After spending some time with the Bobbi Brown team we decided on a routine to moisturize and bring life back into my skin. After 3 months now I feel confident that these products have really improved my face and I want to share. [Each image is a link to learn more about them]

First I put the EXTRA on allover my clean dry face. It feels like a thin Aloe Vera and is meant to hold in your skins natural moisture. 

Full disclosure, truth is I have never used a serum until now. I know, I know! But that said this is amazing! Seriously. The. End.

Not only does this smooth the fine lines, but it has a little caffeine so it wakes up the sleepy eyes. I keep it in my purse to so I can dab it on when I look a little tired. AKA all the time! 

I love the all in one moisturizer. My SPF and Face Cream combined in a winner. And this one is SPF25 which is a lot higher than most combo's I've seen. You only have one face ladies, protect it!

There you have it. My daily routine. Let me know what ya'll think!


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