Alt design summit 2011.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where to start? This week was FULL of such brilliant bloggers, and inspiring seminars. I feel like it might take me years to sort through all that I have tried to absorb! But I know you are all waiting to see some of the highlights, so here are a few of the best...I will introduce you to some of the dandy bloggers I met along the way through out this week.
So to start it was held in the Grand America up in Salt Lake Utah, the hotel is very Traditional in decor but stunning.

 Kirsten from 6th street design school said "I feel like we are on Food Net Work" with all the pretty food they served us...and the menus were so cute to. I am really loving the letter press craze!
{Via Moi}

Left to right...Caitlin Creer, Me, Kirsten Kranson
 These girls are seriously talented go check them out!

Left and clockwise..Dannimy little buffaloKatie,Wendy, Me, Vivien.

Dinner at the Lambs Grill...great party!
And than too our BIG party on friday put on by Kate Spade and The Girls with Glasses. Great end to a inspiring conference!

{via Moi}
Thanks to Alt Summit and all the great Sponsors! 


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