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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I spent the last two days at market and if all I took in at Alt was a lot to process, adding this to it is an overload! I saw so many great new trends and goodies for the store that I am not sure where to start! The bummer for all of you is that when I got there and started to take pictures, I discovered that my camera card was mysteriously broken {thanks kiddies'} So that being said I had to pull some interiors from my files to share one of my favorite eye candy....this one really isn't anything new but its bold statements always make a room pop! Graphic textiles. So yummy and strong, I really don't think you can complete a design with out one somewhere, don't you think?

{top to bottom...bazaar of serendipity, Phoebe Howard, Eric Cohler Design, MFAMB, Lonny Mag.}

I am really tired and worn out from all my travels, but can't wait to share some of the great AH~HA moments I have had this last week! Stay's a good one :)


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