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Friday, December 9, 2011

Oooo, what a treat we have today! Cue the happy dance, cause this is gonna be good!
The absolutely mind blowing Meredith Heron has done it again! This woman has pulled together another ubber chic Design and I am going to share this nugget of loveliness  right now. stop all the screaming and get control!

This girl knows her shit stuff.
I am not going to lie...this is one Holiday party I would kill to be invited too!
Please send me an invite...I will promise not to follow you around like a groupie.

Go now check it out.

And the if this table set up wasn't enough!

Don't think I'm not  totally singing Kate Perry's version of Black and Gold while I keep looking over every freaking inch of these photo's.

Thanks to M for providing the world with yet another amazing space, so we can all feel inadequate as designers.
I am going back to hiding in a cave. really M, I totally love you!

See more of her skillzzz


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