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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am back! Key West was dreamy, what's not to love about palm trees and a hammock right? It was just what I need to distress and collect myself again. Thanks so much for hanging in there and letting me have a little time off.

We all know how much I adore vintage items....I mean, I own a vintage shop right? In Miami I had the privilege of dragging the Mr. around to as many shops I could find. I needed to write the trip off so I had to do a little work. It's so fun to see other business owners and get a taste of their world! Needless to say, good thing I packed the HUGE suitcase because I found several treasures to bring back.

A couple of those babbles were two designer bags from the early 80's. We are all aware of the killer price tags that come along with new with a little TLC they came back into life. Now I am not going to turn down a new bag EVER....just in case the hubby reads this, but it never gets old to say "Oh,this?  It's vintage." I also like to make up stories about where they have been, wink wink.

Lets get down to business and share how to refurbish a find yourself //

Le' Supplies:

La' Gucci Before:

Mr. LV Before:

1. Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and a mild soap.

2. Apply BRASSO to the tarnished hardware with a Q-Tip and follow the buffing instructions on the jar.

3. Apply a shoe polish in the appropriate matching color of the scuffed leather. Leave it on.

4. Add an allover leather cream to the whole bag and buff off with a dry soft cloth to desired sheen.

And now for the after party //

Scroll back up to the before picture I dare you.

Now these retro piece are so be happy even with the little love marks that may still be on them. If only they could share their stories!

Here's to hoping you all adopt a forgotten vintage bag and make stories of your own. Feel free to pin this tutorial and share. 



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  2. I'm totally impressed...I'm especially blown away by the brasso...holy crap! I have a few "less than vintage" things that need that treatment! (c; Great tutorial, lady! And glad you could drag yourself back from paradise (c;

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