It's so fluffy I'm gonna die......

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I pretty much scream this every time I wrap myself in my Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towels. Pure luxury. I'm right smack in the middle doing a little update on my master bath so I for sure wanted to replace my old scratchy towels with a spa style. There's nothing better than crisp white bath linens, am I right???

I still have plans to paint out the cabinetry but it's already starting to feel more open and light. Art is always a big must for me. I knew I didn't want your typical framed piece so I opted for a giant mural. Like floor to ceiling. >> PRO TIP Hire a local art student. The price will be less expensive or maybe free if they can use it as a class requirement.

I truly believe that art doesn't always have to be "pretty", it should make you feel something. I live by this....choose pieces that move you in some emotion.

I grabbed a small side table  from TJMaxx to stand next to my tub. It makes the perfect spot to hold your cozy towel for when you get out. PRO TIP >>> To keep my new towels bright and white I use oxiclean  and ONLY wash them together. I don't allow any other whites in with my linens...I swear this keeps them brightest.

I really think all bathrooms should be spa like. How much better would our mornings be they were? Or our nights after a relaxing soak? If your dying to get your hands on some of the softest towels I have ever dried my bottom with, grab some here.  Be sure to use my code RCD20  to get 20% off your whole order! Even on the bamboo sheets I posted a few ones back. Happy dance! Thank you Cariloha for making myself and my readers freshy fresh.


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