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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pretty excited about this to share this nugget today. I will be the first to admit when I heard about Smile Sciences I was kinda skeptical. When they first reached out I thought there was really no way that the unit could whiten teeth and cause no sensitivity. We've all done the whitening strips and those can hurt really bad! So I did a little internet stocking and decided they looked pretty legit so why the heck not? Let's give it a try......

The kit is pretty straight forward. It takes about 30-40 minutes. Everything you need is in the box with detailed instructions. I opted to go big the first time with the 40 minute treatment session! Once I got everything in and glowing I and sat down to multi task with the Nordstroms personal 10 points day. Best way to kill time.

40 minutes later I rinsed and tada! WOW!  Guys, I was shocked with how well this worked. And ZERO sensitivity. There was a little marbling on my teeth, but that went away in half an hour. I feel pretty confident that you will love this to so I asked the smile team to hook us up with an deal. Guess what? They did! If you use the code AMANDA3 at checkout you can get the whole set for $29 freakin dollars! It's normally $299! The kit is good for up to about 14 treatments. Why not give it a try?

Your welcome.


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