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Monday, July 26, 2010

One of my biggest pet peaves in design is SHORT DRAPES! So when I saw this post on one of my favorite bolgs I had to share it.

The proper ways to do curtains is as follows:

Brushing the floor: Structured Style

Positives: Gives off a clean cut and tailored room. No fuss!

Negatives: If you have problem floors then the crisp cut of the curtain will call attention to your uneven floor.

Breaking the Floor: Relaxed and Glam!

Positives: Gives your room a softer look. My favorite part about it is that it’s forgiving of imperfect measuring.

Negatives: Because your curtain panel will be 1 or 2” on the floor some may be nervous that it will get dirty easier.

Pooling at the Floor: Lush! ( This is my favorite)

Positives: Gives off a romantic feel with 2 plus inches on the floor.

Negatives: Same as with breaking the floor. Plus due to all of the extra floor you will not notice any sort of moulding/trim on the floor.

Here is a great sketch of the looks featured above by I dream of drapery:

Floor Length = Brushing the Floor  

                                                     Trouser Length= Breaking the Floor

                                                    Pooling at the Floor = Puddle Length


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