Not just for cowboys.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am so excited to tell you about the metallic cowhide rugs we have coming! These beauties are not just for western round-ups anymore! Cowhides are being used in the most modern and elegant of decor. But to make these ones even better they have metallic (which is huge for decor right now). We will be getting a 4ft display with a variety of them and a color swatch of other available combo's for you. Each one of these is slightly different because no cow is the same :) The company we are getting them from, sells to the most unique shops in New York, so the quality is amazing and our price is hundreds less then NY boutiques sell for! Here are a few examples of them used in different decor won't see the metallic ones yet because they are the NEWEST must have! You better believe I will be putting one of these in my home, I just can't decide which one! HELP!


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