Fall Table Idea.

Monday, October 25, 2010

 I was asked to set up a Fall table scape for a local online website this week, I wanted to do something a little more modern and white. Not your traditional  Fall look.
I started with this great whitewashed table and added to different chairs to either end, adding mismatched chairs can add great color and textures giving you something for the eye to smile about. I also draped these cowhides again to keep a more modern feel but add that rustic Fall look with out being the usual.
 Layer, layer, layer. By layering these feather place mats with rich earthy tones we brought in some more elements of Fall. And by adding bright whites it keeped it more modern and fresh.

Add different layers of textures...stone, with delicate glass ware. Metal with porcelain. This will give you a table to talk about and no one will get bored with their  surroundings. You could transition this display into Christmas by adding punches of color like red, or more sparkle in crystals and silver.
I also just wanted to show these great new mounts we got in! I LOVE them...all white and perfect!



  1. Possibly the best fall table i've seen this season. rock on girl.

  2. I love that tablescape...the cowhide, feather place mats, dinnerware, kudos!

  3. I'm kinda obsessing over these feather placemats right now. I need 8 and I can't find them anywhere within my ME budget being this close to the holdiays. I'm thinking about crafting them myself this weekend. Eeek!


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