Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I can't tell you how in love I am with our new clothing line! The fabrics are so soft and the fur so real. This collection has the look of a really expensive line, but our price point is awesome. These are for sure the best clothes in Cedar, if you like sporting the latest trends and not seeing every other person wearing the same thing than come check these out. We only order 2 in each size and that's it...even if it is a huge seller! That way we can be sure you are still getting the most unique stuff.

We put in a great dressing room too! Hurry in to check it out!


  1. i was so thrilled to find your blog/store. i am currently living in london, but am a born and raised utahn. it's exciting to see great stores like yours in our little state! i'm not sure of when the next time i'll be in cedar will be... but i am looking forward to visiting your store whenever that may be. thank you, thank you for just being you.

  2. Look how super cute these things are -- and so stylish, just like you! Wish I were there to check them out in person!!


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