5th Day of Christmas with Shari.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So I just found out that my post for today(below) was not set properly to post and it is sooo late going up! I am so sad because this gal is one of my favorites! I hope everyone still gets to look at what eye candy she has provided us today. Make sure to hope on over to her blog and check out little blue deer she is the master mind behind my blog design! Love her!

Hi there! Shari from Little Blue Deer here, delighted to be sharing my favorite holiday tradition with you! My favorite tradition is, shockingly (ha!), decorating our home! I love to decorate, and Christmas gives me the perfect excuse to go a bit crazy! This year, it has been all about pink at Casa de Deer! I even made our Christmas cards pink! I have olive green walls in our living room, and I decided that shocking pink was the way to go! So, I added hot pink ornaments to our otherwise red and green tree, and hung pink and green satin stockings by the chimney with care. Another little trick I love is to pile glittering ornaments in decorative bowls and place them around the house. I'm also ALL about giftwrap, and I will share another of my favorite tricks, which is to use raffia instead of ribbons and bows on gifts. If you have to travel, which we always do (though not, unfortunately, to such a glam destination as in my picture!), it travels well, you don't have to worry about the bows getting smushed! Thank you so much to Amanda for asking me to share about my favorite season!

She is always so chic and glamorous! Stay tuned tomorrow for little "Posh". Thanks Shari!



  1. Oh, I love Shari too! The pink looks fabulous. I think decorating (and then enjoying the decorations the rest of the month) is my favorite part as well.

  2. Shari can do no wrong in my books and of course, I am totally on board with her pink at Christmas:) xo


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