My NYE look.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I know I mostly do design on my blog but fashion and interiors are so closely woven I thought I would share what I am wearing for new years eve. I will be at a party called EVE, and it will be outside and super chilly...I hope the weather man is wrong! Putting together something chic was a challenge but I think this will do.
Before the adult celebrations I have to put on a NYE tea party for my two kiddo's and niece and nephew.
I will post pics of how that turns out tomorrow.  I hope you have the best of celebrations, and I will see you here next year!



  1. They are so closely woven together. Love what you've come up with. You'll steal the show sweet girl. And can't wait to see the photos from the tea party.

  2. I'm with you that Chanel bangle is gorgeous! Happy New years!

  3. So delightful and PS, I think I have to own those boots! Can't wait to see the pictures and have a fabulous time my dear. xoxo

  4. Looking fab, Amanda! Oh, and I want the Chanel bangle, too. Looks like you, Amanda from AB Home, and I need to go in three ways and "share time" with it! ;-)


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