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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's funny how a simple image can create a "clear thought" and turn into an entire post. I came across this picture of wonder women last night while working on organizing my new mac {I was thinking about being her for Halloween this year...no weird obsessions} 

Any~who but because of wonder woman I started thinking about her invisible plane, which than got me thinking about lucite....my secret obsession. I say secret because I have YET to purchase a piece for myself! I know this is crazy but I just can't seem to commit. There are so many stunning and elegant pieces to choose from, I have used them on may clients jobs but for some reason I am just floating around the idea of which piece to place in my space. 

Lucite can feel so ethereal and light, but catches your eye in a way many other pieces cannot. In jewelry I think it look like rock candy!
{via accessory source}

{Christian louboutin}

{via accessory source}

{via Decorpad}

Lucite with tufting might just send me over the edge! On a side note, My post I did on tufting last year was the first time I got an rude "anonymous" comment left...wow I was totally shocked and wanted to kick some cyber butt,  its kinda wimpy to leave a not so nice comment & not have the back bone to own it! Since than I have gotten a lot thicker skin and decided it's not worth it....I love what I love, and I own it!
So bring on the tufting and lucite and I might just reach the big....OHHH!

{via decorpad}


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