Noire meet Medaille D'or.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Noire please meet D'or, I am sure you will find you match to be a perfect one, turning my kitchen into a space more glamorous. I know right now you are saying..."Amanda you are redoing your living room too, why don't you just focus on that?" RIGHT? Here is the truth, being a designer I can't seem to focus on just one room in my space {gasp} my secret is out! Here is the good news, my hubby knows buckets full of men in the building industry thus making my job little to no work and most of the time free! { what can I say they really like him} 
Back to the space at hand, I was thinking about many different ideas for this space and putting mood boards together, but it wasn't till last week when Christine did her little post on her Black and Gold chairs that I really had my  awe~ha moment and knew this was a match made in Heaven.

{via metropolitan home}

Here is where I am calling on all my bloggie besties to help fill in the gaps with me...

My cabinets are med~drk color and are not being refinished :( this is the wallpaper I want to use, but then I am drawing a blank on the paint choice? Do you think I can do a lighter color or will I loose to much of the drama???  And what art...has anyone seen the perfect piece for me, cause maybe these mirrors {as beautiful as they are} are just too expected! I want to have this done for the intimate Valentines Day dinner I put on every year so I desperately need your help!

Tout ce qui brille n'est pas de d'or

{All that glitters is not gold}

P.S. I could use one of these papers???


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