Organized Part 1.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yiks! Is all I can say about some of the drawers in my house! They are in desperate need of some organizing. Closets, drawers, mudroom...everything! I am so tired of feeling like I can't find what I needed.

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It was time to take some serious action and clean these projects up! I am talking a HUGE overhaul.

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I made a run to Ikea and found loads of options to create some peace in my favorite was the Godmorgon organizer for $14.99! I bought two for my bathroom make~up drawer.  Of course I forgot to do before pictures, you will just have to believe me at chaos that was running around in them.
My make~up drawer is my favorite,
Yes I am the newest bobbi brown freak. She makes me look so pretty!

This one did not photograph as organized as it is, but the  jewelry really rocks.

It's funny how once you start, how free you feel....

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