Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 I decided I was going to switch out the coloring in my living room to something a little more moody and romantic and thought I would try out Navy. I am keeping my cream studded sofa from Zgallery, cause I LUV it! But wanted to bring in more glamours elements and art. Here are a few of the inspiration for the transformation...heehee that rhymed.

My birthday is next month so I really want one of these to frame on my mantel...Mike are you reading this? Does anyone else have a husband who is always happy to buy what you want, but has to have picture\emails so he can remember it? I feel kinda like a gold digger sending him my lists of items I would enjoy...but really he is happy with it!
{Twilight Blue available on etsy JKLDesign}

{draw the line available on etsy by JKLDesign}


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