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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I got a few more pictures from Alt Summit and some really great posts from some of my fellow Alt bloggers. I thought I would share just a few more and than get back on track to great designs and inspiration.
This was written by Caitlin over at sacramento street...I DID NOT write this, but to see her whole recap of Alt go check her blog out, these are just a few of my favorites :) I am smitten with Caitlin, she one one of my favorite speakers hands down!

.Blogging Ethics + Etiquette: (Emily NewmanGrace Bonney, and Joy Cho)

* Commenting - If you start to get a lot of negative comments, be sure to come up with a comment policy. It's important to have it posted somewhere just in case you need to point it out to readers.
* Crediting - Always, always, always credit anything you put on your blog (photos, sources, etc.). Some sites you should look into that Grace recommends are tynt.com and tineye.com. Both tell you where the photo has been and can locate the original source (amazing!).
* Giveaways - They should be saved for items you truly love and want to feature. It's a special post about the product and you're giving it a lot of press by featuring it.
* Social Media - It's another outlet to get genuine readers, but always remember quality vs. quantity. Grace's way of using twitter - 30% business // 30% communicating with users // 30% fun // 10% to fill in where it's needed.

Advertising Beyond Banners: (Erin LoechnerLiz Gumbinner, and Maggie Mason)
* Reinvent the wheel - get creative.
* Be sure to tell your readers when a post is sponsored. You don't want your readers to feel tricked.
* Measure your digital footprint. Be sure to have something beyond your numbers, like a press page. It gives you an "at a glance credibility."
* Always be authentic and transparent to your readers because if you are your readers will cheer you on.
* Pitch your passions.

Alt Design Summit 2011
Great panelists!

Alt Design Summit 2011
Mio from behind :) this is me listening to Caitlin at round table, awe struck!

Alt Design Summit 2011

Alt Design Summit 2011
Adorable lunch boxes filled with goodies from the Alt staff!

Okay I promise no more event recaps tomorrow is another great "Friday Foyer" and some comment lovin...who do you think will be my favorite comment this week??


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