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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow, did anybody see where the week went? I swear I just sat done to do some posts and BAM, it's friday! I am not going to lie, a little down time with the family sounds great....but really I think I will just be busily working on my new ideas for my blogee :) 

Hopefully you remember our new Friday series, but if you are a newbie around these parts here is what goes down on this blog before any weekend R&R. I like to give a little love back to my viewers by posting my favorite comment of the week and showcase my favorite friday foyer! So lets get this party started!
My favorite comment goes to Aubrey with her adorable comment about our cute lunch boxes from Alt.

{via Flickr Alt Summit}
"Have you seen the movie "Despicable me"? Those lunch boxes are so cute, I'm gonna die!!! I just love them (that comment will only make sense if you've seen that movie and remember the part about the unicorn)...(c: Regardless, that is some great advice on the blogging ethics, I'm busy setting new goals for myself! Thanks!"

Thanks Aubrey, you made me giggle all day!

Now onto a fabulous foyer to start our weekend off right....a bold punch of yellow and some solid black to back it up!

{this one comes to us from David Jimenez}


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