{RE}Cycled Rescues.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I am a huge lover of {re}claimed pieces of furniture, I am sure you know that by now, being my name is {RE}Cycled. And I am sure you also know that I own a store where I get to sell beautiful pieces and help find them an adoring home. Well after all the time I spent at Alt and the inspiring people I met, I started to feel a wee bit depressed at how my blogging was going. I LOVE blogging but was feeling like I just had not found my voice and the niche` in which I wanted to have. 

Luckily that didn't last long. 

After a few long days of trying to find how to merge what is mio, and what I am passionate about,  I have decided to bring what I do everyday, to the blogging world. Thus I am starting a series call {RE}Cycled Rescues, where I am going to showcase a diamond in the rough from as far as craigs list will take us, and  help see the potential it might have. I REALLY can't tell you how excited I am about this project! A {re}furbished piece of furniture is like an old friend...you never run out of old stories, and the scratches/dents mean something. It just feels good! I am not really sure I could nail down what my exact decor style is, but I do know that I can say without any doubt, the the mix between high and low costs are what makes a room  perfect to me! You can live beautifully on ANY budget, it might just take a little longer to get there! Hunting for the creme de` la creme, doesn't always come easy!

So to start us off to what I hope will be a huge success, I found this beautiful coffee table. Glass+Brass=love...
This rescue can be found in Charlotte, North Carolina HERE for $99 {unless you are better at negotiating, that is the fun part}
And it's little friend, an antique mantle for $275 HERE also in N. Carolina.

But the fun doesn't stop here, lets show you what kind of room you could use these lovely's in!

Painting the mantle in the dove grey and adding pops of purple will be the perfect back drop to showcase the decadent lines of the cocktail table, the true show stopper!

{both pics via Decor-pad}

Mixed with black and whites, the glass and antique brass are sophisticated yet warm. Adding the mantel in white would bring in a charming focal point. These are just a couple options that you could use these two fabulous finds in! Be creative, think outside the expensive showrooms and rescue a treasure that needs a good home.

If you want me to find a {RE}Cycled Rescue in your area, drop me a note. It's always rewarding to find a new home for a {re}purposed piece of furniture. Who knows I might just be in your neighborhood next!


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