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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I was cleaning out my blog list last night and came across this list of my 7 favorite things I did for a guest post awhile back and thought I would re-share it, incase you never saw it!

I was thrilled when Chassity asked me to share my favorite things with all of you. I met Chassity back in NY at the Nate Show and totally feel in love, she is such a doll and has great style to boot :) So I thought I would share my 5 favorite things, but found that I couldn't get it down past 7....bare with me I hope you will love them as much as me!
1. I recently  bought this Jonathan Adler Druggist jar off of guilt and I am so in love! I saw it while in his store in San Fransisco and could barley walk away. It makes me laugh with it's funny humor, on one side it says Love and on the other Hate. He is brilliant!

2. My collection of random vintage pieces in my entry would have to make the list! There are so many things that have fun memories of trips with friends and family gathered over years. My sister, Mom and I love to got to vintage shops or flea markets so these are some favorites.

3. Late 1920's game table. We love to play games with our friend (not that we play on this) so I was extra giddy when I came across this piece at the local goodwill. I had to watch it for a few days because they wanted too much but in the end I scored it for $65.00...yippee! It makes the perfect side table, don't you think?

4. The wallpaper in my master bedroom always makes my happy. Its called Sophia in charcoal from Graham and Brown.

5. I LOVE this too...my bamboo wall flats from Inhabit. They are totally green (or red in my case) and come in tons of different patterns!

6. Magazines & Blogs...I truly cannot live with out these! The joy I feel opening the mail box to see the cover of Elle Decor or Cosmo can't be describe. And when the Internet is down, and I can't look at all my favorite Blogs I am devastated. Pathetic, I know! I am loving all the great new online mags out there...but holding a crisp thick copy in your hand cannot be replaced :)

7. My store...I opened {RE}Cycled consign and design about a year ago and feel so blessed to get to do what I LOVE! I never thought owning my own shop would happen but it did and it has been such a success! My husband Mike was the person that pushed me the most to do this and if it wasn't for the support and help he provides with the family I don't think it would have been possible, XOXO! I couldn't find the pictures of the store I was looking for but I just got these head shots done in the shop so they will have to do...Thanks Chassity for all the Fun! Hope you enjoyed!


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