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Friday, February 18, 2011

I am really excited for this weekend for two reasons, 1.} I get to spend all day Saturday at the St.George Parade of Homes, looking at fun new design ideas and 2.} It's my Birthday, which means I get to call all the shots and I get presents! I love presents, big or small, if it has a bow on top I am all yours :)

 Being that I love to receive gifts, I equally love to give them, and I am so thrilled to give the gift of being my favorite comment to a newbie to my blog, but I KNOW I will soon be smitten with all her sweet comments:

Chelsey Ercanbrack

"I just have to say I absolutely positively love your blog. Your writing, style, outlook is just so...unique and inspiring. Love it!!!"

With such sweet words how could I help but not fall in love with her! Thanks Doll I hope you keep comin back...XOXO!

Now for a little design eye candy....get ready cause here it comes!


Ahhhh, I love a good Friday Foyer! But I am really dying to know what's upstairs?


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