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Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh happy day, it's the weekend! We have tons of family coming into town for my daughters baptism this weekend, you would think I would be stressing but I am totally ready! Woot, woot! I do feel bad for my sister who will be driving down with her 4 kiddo's (which 2 of them are 2 yr. old twins...enough said) maybe this will help ease her travels...

{via here}

Yeah right! Luckily we don't have to be stuck in that mini van AKA: The Swagger Wagon :) Instead I get to share with you my favorite comment of the week and a fantastic foyer! So here we go....drum roll please! 

I thought this comment was super sweet from Anne-Marie at 10 Rooms...

"Love this post, Amanda! That mantle and that table are gorgeous. I'm a huge "junktiquer", can't resist the thrill of the hunt :) looking forward to seeing your finds.."

She is talking about our fun new series called {RE}cycled Rescues, if you missed our last one I have a stellar one coming on Monday! Thanks Anne-Marie I alway enjoy when you leave sweet thoughts.

I am feelin like we need a little whimsy for the weekend, and what better way then a striped foyer...I am lovin how it makes your eye circle the whole space. If you have a great foyer send it my way, it might just be yours next! Have a happy weekend everyone!

{via Three men and a Lady}

P.S. If you did not click on the "swagger wagon" the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake. BIG. HUGE!"


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