{RE}Cycled Rescues.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Can I just say that I am so in love with todays {RE}Cycled Rescue that I am seriously thinking about packing my bags and running to Canada, {Hamilton to be exact} to buy these beauties! This pair of Antique Edwardian Benches
have me swooning with the possibilities! I had so many ideas of where these could go and the fabrics they could be {re}purposed in...awh these were a great find!
Here is what I was thinking, you could cover them in the black dot fabric on the backs and this vintage looking floral on the fronts, I would love to see a graphic bolster pillow on the seats and maybe a chevron patterned rug to anchor them....a persian would be fabulous too. My favorite part is that they have a slight difference in shape but the scale is the same making them the perfect match in my book!
I would love to see them in an entry way! Wouldn't your guest's just die over them? I think people would stop by just to catch a glimpse! Maybe an entry like this...

{via Ned Marshall decorpad}

{via Elizabeth Dinkle decorpad}

I was so enamored with this pair I grabbed my car keys and almost forgot they were across country for me, maybe they are just around the corner for you! If not drop me a note and I might just pick your location for my next rescue!

P.S. Did I tell you those babies are only $250 obo....kill me now!


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