{RE}Cycled Rescues.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am always thrilled when I can {re}purpose a piece of furniture, so when I came across this baby I knew right away where it needs to go! I found in on Craig's List in Colorado...this antique dark oak buffet makes a smashing vanity! I am smitten with the inlaid details and dove tailed doors. Don't you just die over the rounded front and the art deco vibe? And it's killing me that they are only asking $180 obo? I hope one of you is close and buys this treasure...

{image for finished bath via decorpad}

Want me to find a {RE}Cycled Rescue near you??? Drop me a note and you might just be next!

P.S. Also while searching craigs list for a great rescue I came across this awful looking thing and just  thought I would share it for some shits and giggles :) 

This is real....who or why someone would own this baffles me???  Drop me a note if you want to know where you can get this, but beware of what design advise might come your way :) Happy Monday everyone!


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