Oscars and Interiors.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscars and Interiors
As a designer I have always believed that fashion and interiors go hand in hand. So when Oscar time rolls around and all the stunning fashion struts down that  lush red carpet my mind starts to be inspired for new design ideas. It’s funny how a new dress can become the “it color” for interiors. I know I was overwhelmed with inspiration for clients and myself, I thought what better time than now to show how closely these two parallel one another.

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Are you more inspired by the glamorous and sexy or the sleek and modern? I was smitten with Scar~Jo and her lace magenta gown….I will be bringing that color into a space very soon!  I hope this helps to show you how easily your favorite “girls night out” blouse can become the inspiration for your new favorite space…take a look around your closet, what do love the most? Can it become a super glamorous space or a modern design? I bet all the inspiration you need is right under your nose…Happy designing!


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