NY Blogfest My Re~Cap.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ok ok so I haven't shared any pics from blogfest yet....confession time. I FORGOT my camera! Who does that right??? The ones I took with my phone where not that grand. So I have borrowed some from a few of my super duper favorite blogging buddies!

For starters these are from B&B Blog, Christine is so inspiring and I am still giddy that I got to hang with the one and only. She is insanely talented and wildly beautiful!

Yes my bangs had seen better parts of the day :(

Our hipster vibe hotel The Ace in NY.
Taken by Christine...she has some mad Photo skillz!

Oh how great these girls are! Really, and aren't they so chic?
Chassity was my roomy I am so glad I got to spend such great time with her xoxo!
Click on the names to check out their blogs!

We have the same name so we are for sure BFF's now :) and she has gorgeous red hair. Enough said!
I also got to spend great time with Bryn, I really just can't say enough great things about her!

{Amanda, me again, Chassity}

We girls now how to have a good time!

Me, Stacy and Sarah Baynes, and  Traci Zeller {photo from Traci's Blog}
I heart these girls!

And Janell took this of some of our food...I was totally inspired by it's colors. WOWZA!


Ok done.


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