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Thursday, August 11, 2011

*Before I begin let me just place a disclaimer that none of these designs in any way reflect the styling and or design views of the writer on this blog*

I spent 2 days touring through the SLC Parade of Homes this last weekend, hoping to see a few really amazing designs. Sigh, yawn, snore... really nothing was that noteworthy. I snapped a few pics of the homes that didn't carry the same chartreuse and brown color scheme from room to room, trying to fool me into believing that it was new and different just by changing from stripes to dots. Blah.
Here's what didn't have me wanting to vomit on the plastic covered carpet.

Nice but predictable.


Deja vue.

Nice cabinets and set up, but someone forgot to style it.
Boring chairs.

Love the paper...what the hell on the shelf!

This made me cry, it hurt so bad.

Here is what made me think Disney is trying to brainwash us and take over the country.
They built the "UP" house in the middle of a freaking normal neighborhood! Well at least it was until the circus came in.
It comes complete with wrinkly old man and some boy scout.

My peeps and I trying to have a little fun.

At least it didn't smell like old people.


Just like the movie all the way done to the hideous vintage styled wallpaper.

I would be pissed if this had come to a lot near me! It would need more than just balloons to hold it up after I had my way with it.


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