Today is the kick off of Project Le' Petite Chateau.
Remember when I told you my daughter and I have started a project?
We joined in the blogger challenge by Emily Henderson
Well, we started....

Setting the scene:
The Hart Family
Harrison and Scarlett have been blissfully married for 13 years
and have 2 breathtaking girls.
Hazel 4 and  Ruby 18 months.
Just purchasing their dream home and ready to give it the sophisticated touch they have spent years dreaming and saving for.
Scarlett has been picturing their home for months.
Daydreaming about colors and textures.
Hours have been spent on inspiration boards for every nook and cranny.
She has magazine pages of every little detail she has ever lusted over.

We start with the kitchen.
A tantalizing mix of metals and glass.
Emerald is it's secret weapon.

The anticipation is mounting, the Hart family can hardly wait to get the renovations started
and move into the next chapter of their lives.

Join us next Wednesday for part two of our story.  


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