Birthday wishes and a guest poster.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Before we get into todays post I want to give a HUGE
Happy Happy Birthday to my lil' Sis.
It seems like just yesterday that you were pulling out your trundle bed beside me and we giggled all wrapped up in our popples quilts!
Thats right, I said popples, remember these?


Those where the days!
Anywho, thanks for all the sleepovers and tea parties.

{crave photography}

I am glad you out grew your little pet shop obsession {dude...she was like 15...really}
and you don't look like the unpleasant neighbor girl anymore.
PHEW! I was really worried about how that was going to work out!
But in all truthfulness you are my dearest friend,
cheers to another year of driving the hell out of each other!
I love ya Sis.

Now back to our regular program.....

When Brandon approached me about guest posting on my blog and then had the idea about writing on consignment shops, I thought for sure! A tiny break for me and a post on one of my favorite past times!
Win win....hope you get shopping!

3 Reasons Consignment Shops are Your Best Friend

We live in a consumerism society full of big-box home stores and a throw-away mentality. Fine decor and unique furniture have slowly been replaced by cheap, mass-produced and low-quality items. When decorating our homes and choosing stylish clothing must we sacrifice quality and style for a lower price? If you’re familiar with consignment shops, then the answer is a resounding, “No!” Consignment stores are your best friends because they allow you to find unique stylish items, save money and the store does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is show up!  

Unique and Stylish

Is there anything more depressing than buying home decor at a 24-hour big-box retailer? You are buying the same items that 250 million other Americans are buying for their homes. When you step inside a consignment store you find gently used decor and furniture that is high-quality and difficult to find. You can also find an assortment of very fashionable clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. Amanda Hill, owner of Recycled Consign & Design explains, “My inspiration for {RE}cycled is reclaim, renew, reborn. Bringing life to an old piece of furniture not only brings a unique look, but a personal touch as well. With both new and recycled pieces anyone will find a treasured item to complete their decor from rough lux to country chic.” A well-run consignment store guarantees top-quality items that you certainly won’t find in normal stores or in your neighbor’s house.


 Many people think that you have to be rich to enjoy nice things. Consignment stores put high-end products within reach of the average person. Recycled Consign & Design recently featured an incredibly classy complete bedding set for $225 that normally retails for over $800. This is a fantastic deal, especially considering that nobody will ever know you didn’t pay full price for the set. This is only one example of the sort of savings that can be had at a consignment store. You can find designer dresses that may have only been worn once, or a solid wood hope chest that has been sitting unused for years. Your friends will see the quality of decor you have and think you must be over-spending. That’s part of the fun of shopping at a consignment store.


The area that a consignment store can add the most value to your shopping experience is the amount of time and effort the owner puts in to searching out and stocking inventory that is chic and desirable. According to Amanda, “I spend lots of time in workshops and classes to stay up on the most current of trends, and to keep my boutique full of handpicked treasures.” You can waste weekend after weekend searching through garage sales and thrift stores and never come close to finding the items a consignment store offers. They put in the hard work and have all the connections, so all you have to do is walk in and pick out what you like most. Not all consignment stores are equal, but when you find one that has a discriminating and savvy owner, that store will be your best friend.

Guest author Brandon Mercury is a writer from Your Local Security He is a regular contributor at the In Good MeasureIn Good Measure blog where he covers interior design and home improvement.



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