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Friday, September 9, 2011

Forgive me for lack of substantial posting, yesterday was crazy, heartbreaking, exhausting, and special all rolled into one.
My sweet little 1st grader took a fall off the slide at lunch recess {not sure why that part is important but he made that very clear, several times}
Breaking both his bones clear through.
I am not very good with this kind of thing, not the kind of person to call in an emergency.
Luckily I have a hubby who knows this and can control both me the emergency.
He is the freakin cutest sad boy EVER.

Truthfully he was pretty calm.
Best part all he wanted to do was go home and cuddle.
Made my heart burst.
Cuddling was interrupted by several fits of vomit.
Anesthesia is not his friend.
To make it even more awesome family pictures are next week.
Arm cast for 8 weeks.
So I did the only thing a Mom like me could do....
 hire an artist to come turn it into a piece of graphic graffiti art.
Problem solved.

While I spend some chill time with my sweet boy this weekend enjoy a few more shots from our last store photo shoot.

Also I have to go buy him a black moped....I told you I was not the kind of person to deal with accidents, I will do anything to make you better.
 Do come back to see the worlds most rad arm cast.
This will be the next big thing all the boys want at school.
No joke.


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