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Monday, October 24, 2011

I know I am super tardy posting this morning!
My kids are out of school for some lame holiday called The Hunt?
We do not Hunt, I buy my food at Costco...get with the times people.
Any who I stayed up late with friends and than got home to post only to find my camera was on 0% life.
So I am doing it now, forgive me!

Oh but am I excited to share my new lavish lady.
Remember when I posted about having a mural done in my bathroom?
Something like this.

Well I did it!
She is done.

{Artist Julie Dennett , images by Moi}

Now that I am posting this I see I left my steamer on the tub, ooops!
It was REALLY late!

What say you?

Should I put some amazing Jar on the surround or leave as is?
And she needs a kick ass name.


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