Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If you follow my tweets then you probably saw this gnarly log I twittered this weekend.

WTF, right?

Nay, nay!
You see, I had a huge design dilemma.
I bought this exquisite vintage floor mirror. 
I was told it was 6ft tall and guilted.
Guilted yes, but more along the height of about 5ft.
She is so stunning I really wanted her to work.
 Girls gotta see if she looks as stunning as she feels right?

Anyway, back to the problem.
I didn't want to hang it, then it becomes too formal.
If it sat on the floor it cut off my head...probably not the best part of me but I still need it!
I did what any pretentious designer would do....
Went log hunting.

Oooo, I had a plan.
A lustrous, sparkly dream.
My mirror just needed a little lift.

Pretty polished for a log right?
Good thing my husband does CrossFit, cuz this lavish hunk of tree weighs a ton.
{yes if you click the link that is your's truly}

Some close~ups of her glossiness.

I felt Chrome was the color to morph into, I thought it was a nice complement to the aged gold.
Now go.
Discuss this.

And I added some extravagant fur pillows to the bed.

Getting closer.


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