Haunted Houses.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wow I feel like an elderly person complaining about all the late nights I have had these past few days.
Mamma needs her beauty rest.
My apologizes in advance for my weak attempt at a post today.

Haislee {my baby girl} and I have been hard at work on our Doll House challenge, just waiting for a few more order miniatures to come via mail and we will have some sweet spaces to share.
In the mean time I came across these spooky houses built entirely  out of legos.



No I am serious they are legos...

Built by an artist named Mike Doyle.
They contain 50~60k pieces and over 450 hours of time.
This makes my super chic castle I built look like a poor excuse for a Sunday afternoon activity.
Wonder if these have blueprints I could follow?

I'll stick to my doll house reno.


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