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Friday, November 4, 2011

 Every now and then you come across a company that has you doing cartwheels. Mottega has fit that bill. The attention to detail makes their line of customizable lamps leaps and bounds better than the rest.
The website is a design junkies dream.
It's a magical world where you can create your ideal lamp to fit any space.

You pick your shape, base, color, shade and finial!
It's like magic when you get to see what the lamp will look like before you ever even order it.
{ I have a library of ones I designed}
As a designer we are always saying invest in quality pieces that will always be in style.
These are it.
Classic with enough edge to make a statement.
Winning combo.

So you all want to know what I designed right? 
Let me tell you how difficult this was.
Haveing the chance to design ANY lamp of my choice made for a sleepless weekend.
Limitless options, and I would have adored any of them.
Here is the runner up.

Super sexy in Obsidian and gold.
{Truthfully this one will be mine soon too}
Don't let my husband see that.

In a space something like this...

{space designed by mio}

Suspenseful silence while I make you wait to see what I designed.
And the winner that found it's way into my home is....

Castello Tresana Lamp
Brass Socket
Acrylic Finial
Linen Flat Drum
Metal Brass Base

Gahhh even more lovely in real life than it sounds typing it.
 This is where she stands greeting everyone who stops by.

Sorry I couldn't stop photographing her.
 Kinda like a first time Mom.

And to make the day even better Mottega has the petal pink hope collection on sale right now!
I know this has a few of you scanning for a link right now so go 

What would you design?


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