Drinks anyone?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I stumbled on these the other day and was intrigued...but when I found out what they where I was BLOWN away!

Images of beverages.
No....I am not joking, they are your favorite alcoholic drink and some non~alcoholic ones too.
 under a high powered microscope!
Pretty sweet huh.

The company is called Bevshots and they are putting a whole new spin on bottoms up.
That was cheesy.
So Sorry.
But I will show you wants not....check out some of my favorites paired with some brilliant rooms
and maybe even a Society Social Bar Cart.

Who knew that our drinks could be so colorful?
The images are metallic and bold in colors...placed in a neutral space these beauties will be the show stopper.
They come in wrapped canvas, framed or poster size prints of 11x14.
Now the only thing to decide is which drink is going to rock it's way into my kitchen?


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