Matte and loving it....

Friday, January 6, 2012

So begins the battle of gloss or matte.
The look of an nonglossy item has a warm authentic feel.
Don't get me wrong I lurv a good lacquered piece.... but I think some pieces are just screaming to be in a chalky matte finish.
French furniture has always been a favorite, those Parisians know how to do it right.
But like any well dressed space there has to be a balance between the lustrous and the muted.
Oui oui.
No I don't have to peeee.

Lets review a few matte beauties...

images via here and here

I am smitten with this Annie Sloan paint to achieve these kind of looks.
Have you tried it?

With great products like these I could find new projects daily!
I think I want to use the Paloma color and add bit on intrigue to the back of my bookcase!


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