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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I made it back from Market, more goodies to share on that later.
Feeling somewhat like Alice when she falls down the rabbit hole and keeps tumbling without any end.
I have so much to do.
 All good things, but require time which seems to be what I am missing lately!

Are you sitting down?
I have something uber exciting to share.
This Friday I am filming my debut TV segment for a local Utah station call 

Fresh Living!

With these two wacky hosts....



I still haven't wrapped my head around this one.
So lets hope I can pull it together a worthy segment.
It airs at 1:00 PM MST.
{I will post the link}

I am sharing how to use the Color Blocking Fashion Trend,

And apply it to Home Furnishings.

I am praying I can make this translate well on TV.

Now to decide what to wear.
Should I color block my attire or is that to cheesy?
Discuss this with my on twitter I would love to hear your thoughts!


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