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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Since preparing a post on mirrors my head has been full of mirror movie lines...Snow White, Milan,
some creepy one that I can't remember the name but people live in the mirror. 
Still freaks me out.

Any-who back to the post.
I often think that as a designer my home will never be done.
When one room is finished the next needs some zushing.

Thus bringing me to my master bath.
{I am never just working on one room I tend to bounce around}
After the installment of 

I posted about it Here.

The room is just a little lacking in the character area.
And then an epiphany moment happened.
I was indulging in Naomi's site
insert gasp here.

She shared her impeccable insight on these reflective beauty's.
The answer is....

Mismatched Mirrors.

A mismatched trio.

Layered mirrors could be splendid too no?

But the real show stopper.
The Creme de' la creme'.
In my dreams at night........

Be still my heart!

While the design of this space is a bit to minimal for mio, I am haunted by these mirrors.
Truly I am shopping every thrift, antique and vintage shop I spy looking for the perfectly imperfect pair to adorn my bathroom walls.
The hunt continues....

What say you?
To match or not to match?


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