Could mint taste any better?

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's fresh and light and plays well with so many flavors.
Even Beachmint, the amazing creators behind all those minty fresh sites.
Well they are doing it again with the launch of 
A curated home decor collection from the same man that brought sexy back....
Justin Timberlake...the one and only!

Nothing sexier than a man thumbing through chic textiles right ladies?

{via ElleDecor}

JT rocks it on the dance floor, has me in stitches on his SNL stents and blows up my playlist, but can he design?
He has made my derriere look amazing in my William Rast skinny jeans, and that kind of tailoring takes great attention to detail....lets say he has me intrigued.
What will this man bring to the design world?
Your thoughts on this collaboration would be super interesting.....

If you are as fascinated as I am, sign up for an early access pass to Housemint by clicking

Happy Monday love~cats!


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