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Friday, April 20, 2012

I can't say thank you enough to all the sweet comments and support you all have shown me after yesturdays post. I am so thrilled to know how many of you loved the room design and how many of you let me know it!
Many kisses!

As promised here is the tutorial for those lovely ombre' drapes that flanked the windows of my National Paint Week reno!

Ombre’ Drape Panels
2-3 bottles of Rit Dye 
Straight pins
A tension rod
2 Drape panels in white or cream
Step #1
Lay the drapes out and decide how high you want the ombre’ to be. I did about 3/4 of my drape.
Place a pin on both sides to that height.

Step #2
Fill a tub or a large container about a foot deep with HOT water and pour in your Rit dye.
It looks like a mess!
Fill slow to avoid splashing!

Step #3
Before placing drapes in the dye get them wet up to about 2 inches from your pins. Wring them out so they are only slightly damp. This helps the dye to cover evenly.
If you are using your tub put panels onto the tension rod and place over the tub. 
Place rod at the appropriate height for the panels to be submerged FULLY up to the pins. Keep them at equal heights.

Make sure all the panel below the pins are covered in the dye. 
Be careful not to splash or drip it will stain the top part of your panels.
Use a wooded spoon or a spatula to move the panels in the dye if you need to get other parts covered.
Leave in the dye for about 45min. The dry part of your panels will start to pull up some of the color making an ombre’ effect.
Step #4
This is the most time consuming and difficult part.
Drain your tub and start filling it again with cool water, rinsing out your drapes.
Again try to avoid splashing, you can still dye the light part of your drapes.
Continue this process until the water runs clear.
Can take many many time!

In the end your drapes will look like this....

 images by Sara Ursula Photography
Happy Ombre’ Everyone!


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