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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this day!
It feels like it's been a long time coming but the fun has finally begun.
By now I am sure you've heard that it's National Paint Week hosted by the ever so colorful Sherwin Williams.

I am thrilled to tell you that yours truly is part of this stellar line up of bloggers.
The week is half over but the best is yet to come....
The color I was assigned was first I was a little bummed.
Living here in Cedar City Utah, brown, beige and travertine seem to be the most used colors in home building and are usually top of my avoid list.

But as a designer we are often being pushed and challenged. It's up to you to be creative and decide how to make "brown" unique and represent your style.

I must say I am pretty happy with how my project turned out.
I was lucky enough to have a client who was sweet enough to trust me and hand over the reins.
Our whole budget for the master bedroom was $700, pretty tight but it forces the creative juices.

The before:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My plan of attack was to construct a head board that went floor to ceiling to really maximize the ceiling height. Plus the room could use a focal point.

Good thing my Mr. is so handy I put him right to work building this bad boy out of two pieces of smooth 8ft MDF board. 
After the beast was hung I filled the seam with some wood fill and sanded off the excess.

The whole thing was given 2 coats of the Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe.
I tried out the new Cashmere line....pretty impressive!
Butter smooth and covers like a champ.

After it dried for a couple days I taped out my design using a 2.5 inch blue tape.
And covered the whole thing again in Sherwin Williams  Well-Bred Brown.
I wasted no time peeling the tape after 2 coats....revealing a super rad greek keyish sorta design.

Adding a couple sconces from Ikea the whole thing came in at a whopping $150.
Styling the bed was easy with the Zgallery duvet that I scored on clearance...woot woot.

Like I said we were on a waist squeezing budget!

To make my head board pop I painted the whole room in SW Minted.
Which I am absolutely gaga if you know anyone else who needs a room with this color email me we'll talk!
I can eDesign one for you too...just saying.

{I will fill you in on the ombre' drape DIY tomorrow, and the chromed stumps too}

Alright you lovely readers, what say you?
Don't you just adore how fresh and bright it is?
The perfect amount of clean lines and vintage finds.

I hope you're all crazy in love with this design and pin the crap out of it!

Next up tomorrow morning is the fabulous Jenny Komenda from The Little Green Notebook.
I am first time to disneyland excited to see what she has up her creative sleeve.

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If you love it here be sure to follow I would love to see you again.
Oh and I did a video can't get enough of me huh?


PS....All the beautiful images are by my amazing friend Sara Ursua Photography
check her site here.
Thanks my dear xoxo


  1. You are rockstar Amanda. This was a brilliant idea! I love the headboard!! Congrats.

  2. You've got mad skills woman! I love, LOVE, it!!

  3. Yay Amanda this is amazing, even more amazing then I was expecting, if that is even possible!!! I can NOT wait for my house to be decorated by you!!! Awesome.


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