A weekend in review...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome back love~cats.
I has a really great project to share this morning but it turns out I under estimated how long the glue needed to dry.

I never really share how my weekend went so I thought I would recap with some pics.

I ate and cooked. 
There was some shoe shopping.
A walk that filled my house with fresh Lilacs...sorta like shoving rainbows up your nose!

Great weather and playing hard makes the toddler very sleepy
{don't worry a parent was on duty at all times}

And then of course I had a booth at the Home and Garden show for my consignment shop.
Pretty busy but a really great 2.5 days.

Bonus for my local peeps.
I am having a sale off my hourly rate on interior design consolations.
Go here to buy one or some.


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