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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have outdoor fever.
We are having a little work done to our backyard and deck so I am pretty sure thats what's fueling it.
Here is the story.
We had a garden, you know for veggies and stuffs.
For 3 years we have tried our hardest to make things grow.
One year tomato's would year carrots would and tomato's suffered.
Long story short.
We are not garden people...more like farmers market or bountiful basket kind of people.

It's being torn out and a double tiered flower bed is going in.
I am good with flowers.

Here are a few of the inspiration I am using to bring this goodness to life.

Love this rock.

These are more likely the flowers and plants we will use.
Because they grow better here duh.

It's going to be corner shaped....this strikes my fancy.

I am also adding a little of this striped heaven.

It's going to be lovely!


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