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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lets share another this plus that moment, okay.
You have been told over and over how the sofa should be the biggest investment in your space.
It should last, so pick a style that will stand the test of time.
This is not an item to penny pinch on...now I am not saying it needs to cost millions there are many options out there that only require a bit of saving.

A classic well built sofa can be a chameleon of sorts.
Punch up the volume with bold pillows and accessories.

These can be easily swapped for a change of color or a new feel without breaking the bank.
Especially if you buy good pillow forms and just change the covers.

Check out a few options I put together for you.

I know right now some of you are saying....pink? How can that stand the test of time?
Really blush is quiet neutral, and plays well with many colors.
In fact I really can't name one it doesn't get along with.
I could show you many examples but there's no need....right?

Moral of the story....please take the time to save for a piece that will really hold it's own in your home.
Stop the production of overstuffed lazy looking sofas couches...they aren't even classy enough for that name!


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